Single Moms - Tapestry

Tapestry: Weaving the hearts of single moms together

Tapestry, our ministry to single moms, is a unique group that encompasses much more than women just meeting once a week. We are moms in a similar season of life offering encouragement and support to one another . We often touch base with one another on a daily basis via our facebook page, texting and calls because we "get" what we deal with on a daily basis as single moms.

Our group is a place to learn to lean on God and grow in our relationship with Him. Yet, we also get together for whole family social events and activities each month. Some activities are just for fun like an all family scavenger hunt. Other activities are more practical like learning to do a craft or new skill.

We also help to connect single moms with the church body in other ways; completing the "extended family" structure. Getting involved with different areas of church life by serving with others or growing new relationships through a Community Group are many of the blessings God has for all of us.

Please feel free to contact Tapestry leaders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .