Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus

It is all about JESUS—he rescues us, redeems us, mends us, and sends us out.  Jesus has been on mission to restore us to himself since the beginning.

A loving, relational God created humanity with a desire and need for relationship—both with him and others. But we broke that relationship with God and chose to love ourselves more than our creator. This self-love is called sin—it has brought brokenness, hurt, death, and catastrophe into the world. Suddenly we found ourselves without a source of identity and wholeness, leaving us attempting to find our meaning and significance apart from God. 

God pursued humanity in order to restore us to a right relationship with him and others. At the center of this story, is JESUS—God who became man to live, die on a cross and rise from the dead on our behalf. At the cross sin, death, demons and Satan are defeated and the wrath of God against our sin is satisfied.  Jesus’ sacrifice covers the penalty of our sin so that our relationship with God might be restored.  As we put our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can experience the abundant life that we were created for--we begin to experience new life.

As Jesus followers, we have the privilege of partnering with him as we take this message of radical love and generosity to our world.

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