Who We Are

Creation and Sin

We believe that God is the creator of everything that exists.  In its original state, creation was a perfect place full of good things and the splendor of God.  Inside of creation God placed human-kind, the pinnacle of his creation. God made the first man and woman, named Adam and Eve and gave them physical life and spiritual life. God created them to live together in relationship with him for all eternity—without shame, brokenness, guilt, or sin.  

However, Adam and Eve rebelled against God. Instead of trusting and believing God, they chose to believe the lies of Satan and disobeyed God. They chose to value (worship) creation over their creator. Knowing that they had sinned, they then tried to hide from God.  The result of their sin would be physical death—their bodies would return to the dust, and spiritual death—perfect relationship with God was broken.  Due to their actions all people are now born as broken, rebellious sinners against a holy God. We have a sinful nature that resists God in word, action, and thoughts. 

This means that everyone stands before God guilty of sin, just like Adam and Eve.  And just like Adam and Eve, people now try to hide from God.  We turn to all kinds of destructive sins to try and find purpose, meaning, and joy that never fades.  Each time we’re let down, never realizing that our deepest longings aren’t found in this broken creation, but can only be satisfied by the Creator of all things.


  • What does it mean to you that God created all things and intended for his creation to be in perfect relationship with him?
  • How has your brokenness and the sinfulness of the world impacted your life?
  • What have you tried to do in life to give yourself purpose apart of God?

Doctrine of Creation & Sin

God originally created everything that exists.  He poured into creation his perfection, beauty, and splendor in order that everything made might reflect his glory.  The pinnacle of God’s creation was mankind whom he made in his very image.  Mankind, however, instead of reflecting God’s glory rebelled against God, worshipping creation instead of the creator and robbing God of the glory he alone deserves.  

Key Scripture: Genesis 1-3; Romans 1:18-32; 3:23; Ephesians 2:1-4